Trend forecasting insights

Do you know how trends emerge and spread?

Trends don’t just appear out of thin air. They are also not so unpredictable and unexplainable that it is only exceptionally creative or intuitive people that can identify them.

Trends start as phenomena that follow a specific pattern over time, and by observing specific people, cultures, and contexts, it is possible to pinpoint trends from their infancy to maturity.

By comparing the trend with previous similar trends, it is possible to predict a trends evolution via trend development processes, experience, and perspectives.

The process most often begins with a small group of progressive people becoming interested in something new and over time a larger and larger part of people will follow.

This process is very evident for concepts that include a considerable degree of novelty.

There is also an almost built-in law that dictates that everything evolves in opposites. What is hot or trendy, is almost always the opposite of what has just been.

In other words, it is a span between thesis and antithesis that is the trend’s eternal dynamism.

Each time the avant-garde is obtained by imitators, it becomes ‘untrendy’, and the process starts all over again.

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24 months ahead of season

pej first colour

pej first colour is the worlds earliest trend material for the lifestyle industries. It is published 24 months ahead of the the actual season, and is targeted the many creatives who need a very early indications of the seasonal colours.

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16 months ahead of season

pej toolbox

pej toolbox is the ultimate trend material for those working with trends, concepts, collections and products. The trend book offers inspiration, trends and colours for the lifestyle industries and is very detailed in the seasonal direction provided.

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15 months ahead of season

pej colour

pej colour is a colour card and is the basic trend material needed by industries like ladies fashion, mens fashion, kids fashion, sport, lingerie, interior textiles, interior, paint, gifts, packaging, graphic etc.

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Kids trends

pej kids

pej kids 2020+ is the third publication of pej gruppen’s trend books for brands working with children and families with children. In this new edition of pej kids you will get the most important Scandinavian trends and colours forecasted for the coming years targeted future babies, toddlers, kids, tweens and families in everything from concept to product as well as packaging and marketing.

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Flowers & plant trends

pej greenery

Unique trend report with a focus on future flower and plant trends with Pantone references, plant and flower names, mood inspiration and suggestions for styling. You can access the pej greenery report via the pej group's online universe

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