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Li is coming to Copenhagen on 28th of november

If you missed out on this webinar or you just wish to experience Li live on stage now is your chance! Edelkoort is coming to Denmark in November to present the seasone SS 2026 in front of a live audience.

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Webinar with Li Edelkoort

Lifestyle 2026

Hospitality • Wellness • Interior


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June 18th 2024, 10.00 -11.30

Savouring childhood corresponds to our need for eating candy, relishing liquorice and hamstering chocolates. Moments of oomph in a world of anguish, fencing off the fear we have of war, climate abuse and the encroaching loss of self, when the bots take over. The scandalous behaviour of our politicians paves the way to feel as irresponsible as a teenager, also voicing our opinions in strong language with hardcore activism. The recent appeal of young actresses, playing queer and queen, explains the need the public feels to reconnect with historic times. And the way people embrace outsider art translates an urge for essential creative expressions that haven’t yet gone to school. Design and fashion turn to fantasy and narration in order to cope, and scenarios from our infancy seem to strike a powerful chord, leading general culture to a period of naïve images and ingredients, so as to appease our mental make-up. The youthful energy will heal our soul while we lick our wounds of the losses we auto-engineer as a rare and sentient species

Design and fashion turn to fantasy and narration in order to cope, and scenarios from our infancy seem to strike a powerful chord.

Perspective on the new season 2026

In this seminar you will acquire creative input for design, colours, material, prints and more from trend forecaster Li Edelkoort. Expand your knowledge of 2026 trends and engage in a live Q&A with Li.

The seminar is for designers, product developers, journalists, procurement, communication professionals and other professionals who work creatively with funiture, decoration, styling, photography, conceptualisation, trends, colours and lifestyle.


2026 Home & Interiors

Recently, details from childhood have slowly penetrated the fashion and lifestyle spheres, introducing a more naive approach to design and colour. This search for the childish marks the beginning of a much broader quest for innocence, happiness and joy. Threatened by the extinction of our species (through the climate crisis and / or bots taking control) people are faced with doom and decide to sidestep our depressing times by lifting their spirits, travelling back to their childhood to recall the insouciance of being a kid.

The inner child can become a powerful psychological tool; for example, when we write or draw with our wrong hand, we can become a toddler again and mentally incarnate childhood. Such liberating exercises are inspiring contemporary designers to help us reassess who we truly are and bring back a certain feeling of lightness and freedom; we feel content to be alive and curious about tomorrow. This forecast is therefore a timely learning curve that includes creating furniture from cardboard to building house, drawing, sculpting, painting, exploring, imagining, flying, and most importantly, cuddling. A major movement that simultaneously helps heal trauma and solve mysterious issues that lay dormant in our psyche and body. Brightening our days with items for the home that exude joy as an antidote to our morose times.

— Lidewij Edelkooort

Date & location

June 18th 2024, 10:00 -11:30

Online via Zoom in English


10:00: Welcome

10:15: NEW LIFESTYLE 2026 : Home & Interiors

10:45: Milan Report – 2024

11:30: Short Q&A Discussion


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