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Martin Michael Frederiksen

Martin is a digital whiz who is well-versed in all aspects of digital trends, cross-channel marketing, e-commerce, user experience (UX) design, and IT projects.

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Martin Michael Frederiksen is a digital expert, entrepreneur, and visionary. He has been involved in several major Danish e-commerce projects and currently works as a consultant, interim development director, and speaker, focusing on digital development, disruption, and the integration between offline and online retail.

Martin has authored books such as ‘Cross Channel – The Future of Retail,’ ‘The Director’s Guide to IT Projects That Must Not Go Wrong,’ ‘White Hat UX,’ ‘Total Retail,’ and ‘The Ethical Design Handbook.’

Ethical design: The future digital user experience.

If you work in sales or marketing, you already know that online marketing is an effective method to reach a large audience. Marketing automation can be used to systematize communication. The problem, however, is that it can easily end up functioning as mass surveillance of consumers.

Get an introduction to ethical design and the digital user experiences of the future, where ethical design is more relevant than ever. Facebook, Google, and many others use mass surveillance as their business model. A consumer backlash is on the way. This results in shitstorms for companies that don't understand how to navigate carefully - but how should one approach it, and how do you test the websites and apps you've already created to know what you can do better? Listen to the presentation and get the right answers.

Successful IT projects

All managers are IT managers. That wasn't the case 25 years ago, but today, all companies depend on technology. Every manager relies on IT projects to succeed in their job, but few have the education to understand the technology. Making IT projects succeed is crucial for leadership or managerial success. Contrary to what many believe, it's much more about leading people than it is about bits and bytes.

In this presentation, Martin Frederiksen shares specific tips and tricks. The presentation is exciting, entertaining, full of real-world projects, and not at all geeky. It is aimed at managers and other interested parties who want to understand IT projects without knowing programming and technology.

Digital business models that work

Many have the idea that they should create a new app or digital service. The digital realm can enhance an existing business or serve as a path to expand sales to existing customers, reach new customers, or tap into international markets. The problem, however, is that getting it right can be challenging. If you want "traction" - a new digital service with a large number of users in a short amount of time - you need to understand the fundamental rules – these are presented in this presentation. The presentation is not for tech enthusiasts but for anyone working in sales, marketing, business development, or management. It's a practical guide to the future of business development, focusing on agile business development, low costs for concept development and testing, high quality, and long-term planning.

Other keynote topics

– Future Complex Consumers
– Future Retail
– Digital Integration
– Cross Channel and Omnichannel
– E-commerce
– Digital Strategies
– From Idea to Digital Product
– How to Avoid IT Projects Going Wrong
– User Experience: Creating User Experiences that Win Hearts
– Digital Marketing and Communication
– Internet of Things

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