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24 months ahead of season

pej first colour

pej first colour is the worlds earliest trend material for the lifestyle industries. It is published 24 months ahead of the the actual season, and is targeted the many creatives who need a very early indications of the seasonal colours.

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17 months ahead of season

pej toolbox

pej toolbox is the ultimate trend material for those working with trends, concepts, collections and products. The trend book offers inspiration, trends and colours for the lifestyle industries and is very detailed in the seasonal direction provided.

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15 months ahead of season

pej colour

pej colour is a colour card and is the basic trend material needed by industries like ladies fashion, mens fashion, kids fashion, sport, lingerie, interior textiles, interior, paint, gifts, packaging, graphic etc.

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Timing is everything

pej trend gives you the confidence you will need to plan, make spot-on decisions and create commercial products with the best possible timing.

Get ahead of your competitors

pej trend inspires you to work in your own unique direction but at the same time gives you a valuable competitive advantage ensuring that you are moving in the right direction.

See and understand the big picture

pej trend simplifies trends in easy-to-understand systems and guides you at every step of your future processes; from understanding the consumer of today and tomorrow to designing, communicating and selling your products.

Get ahead of your customers’ needs

pej trend guides you to understand consumer needs up to two years before they occur by giving you the newest lifestyle trends and carefully guiding you in your next smart creative decisions.

Save time (and money) and reduce risk

pej trend lets you concentrate on doing what you do best – being creative and developing strong products - by doing what we do best; navigating, analysing and curating all the latest and relevant trends.

Stay ahead

pej trend gives you all the necessary knowledge to see the complete picture of current and future consumer needs and develop compelling designs and winning strategies.

Get the latest fashion and interior trends

pej trend gives you the latest and most relevant fashion and interior trends and colours by analysing zeitgeist, consumer behaviour and lifestyle data from the past, present and future.

Validate your decisions

pej trend helps you navigate and validate your important decisions by serving as a helping hand and providing an objective opinion throughout the season.

Speak the same language across departments

pej trend offers a range of trend products that are designed to both fit into your individual workflow and help the whole brand to speak the same language - from design to retail over marketing.

Make smart decisions

pej trend makes it possible to make smart decisions in all steps of your process every single day.