The big material, colour and trend book
for the lifestyle industry

pej toolbox
AW 25/26

An amazing toolbox

pej toolbox is a scandinavian trend book which contains materials, colours, colour charts, colour combinations and development and lots of inspiration. The book can also be used as a communication tool for anyone who needs to convey lifestyle trends, colours, stories, materials, etc. and is used as a business tool across all the company’s departments – from design to branding and the marketing department when the product is to be sold.

What you get

  • Moodboards and keywords
  • Inspiration for the season’s most important prints selected in collaboration with print designer Abby Lichtman
  • Inspiration for the season’s most important materials, effects, shapes and details
  • Inspiration for the season’s most important colour combinations
  • Selected key colours in each trend theme with image inspiration
  • Over 300 images with commercial product inspiration for women’s and men’s fashion, shoes, accessories, kids, interiors furniture, lighting, architecture, art and retail
  • Focus on the season’s four main design trends in each trend theme
  • Colour descriptions of colour development through three seasons
  • Summary of the season’s key trends
  • Physical material samples
  • The season’s colours as TCX PANTONE® Chips
  • Focus on the season’s most important colour trends with image inspiration
  • A larger trend book and more pages with trend inspiration
  • Access to the digital universe with all the content fro the book and much more – including upcoming content between seasons (Only for members →)

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An amazing toolbox - 12 months before the season

This is a tool for trends, colours and communication. The trend book can be used as a communication tool, to convey lifestyle tendencies, colours, stories, materials etc. pej toolbox is used as a company tool across the companies departments, by designers, buyers, sales, manufacturers and marketing people.