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Eva Steensig

Eva Steensig, a recognized sociologist and consumer expert, is dedicated to delivering keynotes and lectures that go beyond the ordinary. Her expertise is your key to understanding your customers and the changes that impact your company's future and bottom line, all conveyed in a way that engages and inspires participants.

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In-depth insight into consumption and consumers

Eva has spent decades researching and analyzing the behavior and consumption patterns. Her lectures provide you with valuable insight into what motivates your customers and how you can identify new business opportunities.

Building brands and innovation

Eva has helped businesses and organizations in all industries worldwide to understand new behaviors and needs and create innovative solutions. Her knowledge guides you to stand out in the market and discover new opportunities.

Business development

Eva is an expert in identifying trends and tendencies that impact your business. Her advice on business development is the key to navigating a changing business world, including discovering and addressing potential opportunities and threats.

Patented Expert Model

Eva is the creator of the patented expert model Pattern-Based Foresight, which forms the basis for all the knowledge she presents. Pattern-Based Foresight is a unique method for recognizing new behaviors and uncovering unknown behavior. This method allows Eva to provide insights that no one else can.

Eva has specialised in delivering lectures and keynotes that not only inform but also engage and inspire participants. Her unique strength lies in her ability to be present, allowing participants to see themselves in the described situations. This even encourages the most reserved participants to contribute and actively participate.

Engaging presentations

Eva is a skilled communicator who goes beyond the stage and captivates the audience from start to finish. She uses real-life examples to illustrate her points and engages participants in discussions based on these examples.

Relevant insights

Every lecture is based on current research and relevant insights, providing participants with valuable knowledge they can apply in their own reality. This makes it easy for participants to relate to the presented material.


Eva encourages interaction among participants. This creates a dynamic and rewarding experience for everyone and allows participants to share their own experiences and reflect on what they hear.

Tailored events

All events can be customized for the task with pre-meeting and specific research regarding desires and any issues. This ensures that participants perceive the lecture as precise and relevant to their specific reality.

Workshops and discussions

When the schedule allows for it, Eva is open to facilitating workshops/discussions immediately following the lecture, where participants have the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and consequences that arise from changes specifically related to their issues.

International keynotes

Eva is a skilled and passionate communicator who thrives on stage and maintains participants' attention from start to finish. She uses concrete real-world examples to illustrate her points and engages participants in discussions. Each keynote is firmly rooted in current research, based on the patented expert model Pattern-Based Foresight. This model serves as the cornerstone for all the knowledge she shares, allowing for the observation of new behaviors and the discovery of previously unknown trends and needs. This provides participants with valuable knowledge they can readily apply in their own contexts.

Topics: Trends and tendencies, changing consumer behaviour and needs, Consumer behaviour, future consumers, future of work, consumer insight

Other lecture topics/angles

Customer service, purpose/positioning, innovation, citizens, value creation and strategy, growth/innovation, change, target audiences, identity, health, beauty, gender roles, family life, and many more.

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