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Matthew Brown

Matthew is a UK based retail expert who runs retail safaris; taking clients to the the world’s best cities to inspire them with new possibilities for their businesses.Matthew only conducts talks and key notes in English

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The global pandemic has accelerated trends in retail, bringing great change. Old traditional legacy retailers that failed to adapt are dying out, whilst a new generation of expert and creative retail brands is expanding and innovating. The future is coming faster than ever.

Technology is transforming the retail landscape, fusing online and offline into a new ‘omnichannel’ world. Whilst the media is full of stories of the ‘Retail Apocalypse’, retail has actually never been more creative and innovative. As cities begin to recover, the worlds best shopping streets are again buzzing with energy.

If you want to see what a successful future looks like for retail, and to apply best practice and key trends to your business there is no better way than a ‘Retail Safari’ with your team. It’s a chance to look outside your normal surroundings and learn and be inspired with new possibilities.

Echochamber is a London based retail trend agency who have run Retail Safaris around the world for more than a decade. With a pause for the pandemic, we have taken clients to the world’s best cities as part of specific store development projects, wider corporate strategy and team training.

We are now restarting retail safaris for 2022, with highlight tours in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin. Whichever city you choose, our retail safaris begin with an inspiring global retail trends presentation, delivered by Echochamber Retail Futurist Matthew Brown. This sets the scene for the tour, with the key trends within your sector, and some practical ideas on how to apply what you see. After that we hit the streets for an inspirational journey through the world’s best stores. Contact us for more info.

  • The evolution of global consumer trends
  • Global best practice in retail and etail
  • The world’s latest and most innovative stores
  • Trend workshops
  • Retail safaris (London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, San Francisco)

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