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Louise Byg Kongsholm

Gain valuable insights from a sharp and witty take on your industry and its strategic opportunities as Louise discusses topics such as zeitgeist, market trends, consumer behavior, life stages, food trends, and the future of commerce.

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Consumer Behavior · Leadership · Retail · Strategy · Zeitgeist · Trends · Food

Louise is an extremely experienced speaker who has captivated audiences on both small and large stages across Europe. She is a versatile speaker, offering everything from short, energetic peptalks to in-depth lectures and teaching sessions.

Louise is also a skilled facilitator and host at conferences, and she brings her expertise to coaching programs and workshops that can span full or half days. She also has access to a professional studio from which she can deliver live lectures or present recorded and edited presentations according to clients’ preferences.

As the owner of pej gruppen since 2011, CEO, editor-in-chief, consultant, and trend researcher, Louise brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With Louise, you’re not just getting a speaker—you’re getting a dedicated partner committed to inspiring and enlightening.

When you choose Louise as a speaker, you’re getting someone who doesn’t just talk about trends—she is instrumental in shaping them.

Louise has authored numerous influential books under pej gruppen, including notable titles like ‘Cross Channel – fuld integration eller pengene tilbage’ (2014), ‘Trendsociology v. 2.0’ (2015), ‘Cross Channel 2’ (2016), ‘Total Ret@il’ (2018), the English edition of ‘Trend Sociology’ (2018), and ‘Fra vugge til krukke – Livsfaser og forbrug’ (2020). Her latest works are the ‘Retail Mega Mag’ series, including volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Serving as the editor-in-chief for TID & tendenser, 365DESIGN, and TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends, Louise is a prominent figure in the field of trends and contemporary culture. Her incisive analysis and thought-provoking articles are widely respected, appearing in these and various other publications. She is often cited by the media as a leading expert on consumer trends, commerce, and lifestyle sectors including fashion, interior design, and food.

In addition to her editorial duties, Louise is a sought-after guest lecturer at business schools and MBA programs across the country. She imparts her extensive knowledge and insights, inspiring future business leaders. Her influence also permeates the boardroom; she is an active member of several boards and advisory panels, where she offers her strategic expertise.

Tour de force in zeitgeist

Discover the prevailing zeitgeist and its influence on consumer behavior in this enlightening presentation. Louise will illuminate contemporary trends across retail and online commerce, the workplace, and beyond. She will discuss which industries have prospered or struggled through recent crises and delve into the impacts of digital transformation on society. Gain a deeper understanding of the post-corona consumer’s evolving definitions of luxury, and explore our new relationships with time, tranquility, focus, and health.

Do you know your trend type?

Gain unique insights into the dynamic world of trends in this insightful presentation. Louise will differentiate between gigatrends, megatrends, microtrends, and fads. She will introduce practical tools that help identify and react to these trends effectively. Drawing from her 40 years of experience, authorship of two books on trend research, and a specialized diploma in 'Trends in Practice,' Louise offers a comprehensive understanding of how trends profoundly shape our lives.

Life stages and consumption

Explore a novel approach to understanding consumer behavior in this innovative presentation. Louise will introduce a model featuring 17 distinct life stages, each characterized by unique consumer behaviors. With over 15 years of dedicated research and authorship of two books on the subject, Louise provides a deep dive into how life stages influence everything from product development to employee interactions. Gain comprehensive insights into the effects of life stages on behavior, enhancing your ability to develop targeted strategies.

The biggest consumer trends

Stay ahead of the curve with the evolving consumer landscape in this detailed and updated presentation. Louise explores the 10 most pivotal trends shaping consumer emotions, behaviors, and purchasing desires. With her extensive expertise, she provides an in-depth analysis of each trend, discussing its origins, current impact, and potential future developments. This presentation will equip you with the knowledge to not only understand but also anticipate the changes in consumer behavior.

The future of retail

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the future of retail in this in-depth presentation. Louise delves into how advancements in technology, shifting economic conditions, and evolving consumer behaviors are reshaping the retail landscape. She will highlight key trends and provide illustrative examples of successful strategies both offline and online. Drawing on her experience as the author of several bestsellers and her access to cutting-edge research, this presentation is essential for anyone aiming to stay ahead in the retail sector.



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