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Jill Hawkins

Jill is a globally experienced trends and insight consultant with special focus on health, wellbeing and creativity. A dynamic force of joy, she will energise, inspire and move you to see the future from new perspectives - and to feel excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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For over 15 years Jill has been researching people, making sense of our shifts in attitudes, needs, values and quirks. She’s worked for some of the world’s biggest brands, helping Nike, LEGO, Arla, IKEA and Diageo ensure their purpose, product and communication are relevant and adaptable for the future. Her experience spans categories including fashion, newspapers, wine, toys, chocolate milk, shoes, tampons, paint and even painkillers (you name it, she’s probably worked on it).

Jill’s value lies in her diverse skillset – she trained as a fashion designer and marketer, works with human insight and she’s a lecturer. But she is also a personal trainer, a group exercise instructor and studying to become a psychologist. Polymath? Maybe. Mad? Quite possibly. Curious, imaginative and inspiring future thinker? Definitely!

Jill runs her own business “The Future Thief” combining her expertise in zeitgeist and human behaviour with physical training and future skills. She guides and motivates individuals and businesses to become the strongest, most creative version of themselves, ready and adaptable for the future. Jill writes for pej gruppen’s publications and contributes to the seasonal trend panels. She is British, living in Denmark.

Jill weaves insights together to tell stories that inspire invention and provoke alternative perspectives.

Succeed at work using your Mind-Body connection

How can you be more creative, efficient and successful at work? How can you be a more fulfilled human? The answer: by connecting body movement, mindset change and creative skills. The power of the mind-body connection is a hugely significant tool that is now being leveraged in forward thinking environments. Prompted by Covid’s influence on our daily routines, its growth as a trend means that much of the way we work, create and live will need to change if we want to be more relevant, more successful, happier, calmer, nicer people - and better at work! This talk will show you how, and of course, you’ll not be sitting still. Prepare to get up and get moving!

Boosting creativity

Are you trying to make your workforce ‘more creative’? Is creativity under pressure in your business? Do you need a spark to ignite it? In this session, Jill will remind you what creativity isn’t, and she will focus on the physical and psychological environment needed for creativity to flourish and succeed. The future of creativity isn’t a pretty picture, but we have no choice than to change that, because the future of every industry will rely on creative skills in every role within the next 20 years. Your perceptions will be provoked with disruptive but energising ideas around how to create the environment that is so crucial to an imaginative, thriving and nurturing workplace.

Health, wellbeing & beauty trends

Unwrap the current and future mindset and trends in beauty, health and wellbeing. Cosmetics, skincare, gut health, exercise, movement, therapy, ingredients, medicine, gender, identity, psychology, self-expression, disability and more! The content of this is adaptable, depending on your needs.

Macro trends and consumer zeitgeist

What is the spirit of the time? What is the mood and attitude of the people? How are our lifestyles changing, our mindsets shifting and needs evolving? And what impact will that have on the future? Firmly put your finger on the pulse of now, understand where it means we’ll be heading to next and how you might need to operate, design and communicate differently.

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