Flower & plant trends

pej greenery

Unique trend report focusing on flower and plant trends

The pej greenery report is an indispensable commercial tool designed to inspire and guide innovation, concept development, product development, styling, and marketing within the plant and flower industry. Whether you are a producer, distributor, seller, or stylist of plants, flowers, pots, and similar items, this report is tailored to help you navigate and shape future trends.

The report features four unique trend themes for 2024, along with a special Christmas theme. For each theme, you will find PANTONE® references, plant and flower names, inspiring mood images, and styling suggestions. These detailed insights allow you to create products and concepts that align with the Zeitgeist and consumer expectations.

Access the pej greenery report through our online universe, pejtrend.com. There, you can delve into in-depth analyses and trends at your convenience, and be inspired to create solutions of the future within the plant and flower industry.

pej greenery

What you get

  • Printed report of 74 pages
  • Access to online plant trend reports through pejtrend.com
  • Details on colours, plants, flowers, styling and interior for 2024
  • Moodboards, keywords and inspiration
  • Four trend themes + a Christmas theme
  • Opportunity to filter all content
  • Explore images and create your own collections
  • Colour conversion of all colours to PANTONE® TCX, PANTONE® C and PANTONE® CMYK

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Zeitgeist & trends 2024+

The year 2024 marks a crucial time where the focus on green spaces and plants intensifies. After a period marked by external crises that left us overwhelmed and on pause, we now face a consumer who is ready to step out of the shadows of crises. This is a consumer taking control of everyday aspects that we can individually influence and actively seeking a path through a life that aligns with our individual values.

The consumer now navigates through existence in an uncompromising and action-oriented manner, leaving behind value-based imprints and rethinking established routines. Our values and attitudes become clear and stand as beacons in our daily lives. At the same time, we look back at the past with a nostalgic feeling, connecting it to something safe, good, and harmonious, creating a deep link between the past and the present.

When it comes to pots, vases, and general decor, we will witness a revival in innovative designs that stand out and have a unique touch. There will also be designs with a hint of nostalgia and vintage, creating a deep connection to our roots. Within the world of plants, we will experience a resurgence of large, broad leaves, while still being fascinated by the beauty that nature has to offer. This is a time when we embrace the green, the natural, and the authentic, allowing it to shape our lives and our surroundings.