Unique trend material focused on kids

The largest Scandinavian children's trend book / analysis for babies, children and young people. pej kids 2022 - 2024 gives you the trends and colours of the coming years for the Scandinavian family and child consumer.

pej kids 22-24

What you get

  • Description of the spirit of the times, megatrends, generations and family life with trends up to 2024
  • 3 family departments in three segments: 0-3, 3-8 and 8-12 years
  • Colour overview for all 3 families
  • 12 target groups with colours, keywords, mood collages, design inspiration images and description
  • Lifestyle, consumer and design cases for fashion, interior, food & packaging as well as retail, media & play until 2024 and beyond.
  • Colours with references in PANTONE® TCX
  • Link to online login at pejtrend.com + and a physical book is sent to you



A unique insight in the Scandinavian child consumer and their families.

The pej group’s children’s trend book is targeted at the babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and families of the future – in everything from product development, packaging design, to marketing your new children’s collections.

pej kids is the 4 children’s trend book that the pej group’s trend team has designed for product development and new inspiration for the Scandinavian children and their families.

As always, children can children in different places in the organization, depending on whether the development process has just started or whether the process has reached the launch and marketing part. Everyone can find input, texts, colors and lots of inspiration in the book, which is now also online.

Targeted: Designers, product developers, procurement, communications people and other professionals who work creatively in children’s fashion, interior design, decoration, styling, photography, trends, colors and lifestyle in general.

In the new pej kids you get all the essentials from the coming years’ most important trends and tendencies in fashion, interior, food, packaging, retail, legs and media, and the trend book generally embraces all the lifestyle industries that deal with concept, product and service development for children and families with children. As something completely new, we chose more trend, color and image inspiration on our new online portal which emerged during pandamia: www.pejtrend.com which is extremely relevant when dealing with the Scandinavian child consumer and need to work with colors and trends online.

pej kids draws on the pej group’s over 30 years of experience in trend book publishing, and as with any family increase, we are with this third children’s trend book again really excited and happy. We hope that it will bring great joy to everyone in the company in the coming years and contribute to design, purchasing, sales and marketing speaking the same language.